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  • Our clients are not typically professional models and we do not expect them to be experts in working with videographers. For that reason we think that a little information can go a long way to relieving your fears so that you can relax and enjoy your day. The following tips will help you help us create for you exactly the kind of video you are hoping for.

  • Talk to us, Don't keep it a secret.
  • From our first meeting with you to the last dance at your wedding you will find that we are far more interested in your ideas and what you want then we are in telling you about ourselves. Our goal is to create a beautiful video for you. The most beautiful picture of you gazing longingly at your (slightly out of focus) groom in the distance, will not be beautiful to you if you prefer a more natural and less posed style. One style definitely does not fit all when it comes to videography and the only way we can give you what you want is if you tell us. As professionals, we can help you identify your likes and dislikes. We can seamlessly blend a combination of styles to give your video the look you seek. We can do this only because you tell us what you want and we listen.

  • Private Time
  • Private time is time that we schedule for the bride and groom (typically 15 – 30 minutes) where we find an out of the way place for the groom to wait for his bride to arrive. They then spend private time, alone, together. I am told that every bride has a dream of walking into the church and having her groom "melt" when he sees her at the end of the aisle. Not to burst any bubbles but we have found over the years that very few grooms will actually let their guard down and "melt" in front of hundreds of their family, friends, and associates. We have heard from many of our couples that Private Time was a wonderful time and in fact was the only time they had to spend together all day. We find that after Private Time, our brides and grooms are happy, relaxed and in a perfect frame of mind for beautiful pictures.  

  • Calm and Collected, or Frenzied and Harried
  • If you're on time we will do the best, most creative work we know how to do. If you're not, we'll do the best we can in the time we have. In either case it's your day and your decision. We will never add to your anxiety but will make the best of whatever situation we have to deal with. To help you be on time we will chat with you for a final planning meeting 3 to 4 weeks beforehand. At that time we will work out a sequence of events for your day. Above all, our job is to help you relax and enjoy your day.

  • Teamwork
  • A great video session is always a collaborative effort between the videographer and the client. We can and will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera you only need to show up with your own sparkle and energy. We can't take truly memorable video by "doing it to you". We are all on the same team and we have to work together. It's not gruesome work, we'll make it enjoyable, maybe even fun, when you bring your personality and energy into the team.

  • Hair and Make-up
  • Your wedding day is no time for a "bad hair day." It's a good idea to meet with your hair and makeup person in advance so you and they know exactly what to expect on the big day. You should also make it clear to them that you don't plan to be late to your own wedding and you need their cooperation to arrive when scheduled and complete their work on time.

  • Flowers
  • Typically we start taking the video with the bride and her family and attendants before the ceremony. That's when and where we need the flowers. Your flowers are an important part of your video. It does no good to have the flowers waiting at the church if we are starting the video somewhere else.

  • Serendipity
  • You know what they say about "the best laid plans…." It's also true for wedding plans. We have never seen a wedding where something unexpected didn't happen. Allow a little extra time in your planning, for the unexpected.

  • A Little goes a Long Way
  • We can't capture the kind of artistic, emotional, spontaneous video you want by being cold and aloof. We can only do it by having a relationship with you. In many cases we will spend 8 or more hours with you on your wedding day. It helps if you treat us like a friend, not a servant. Arrange for us to get a bite to eat, as you would for a friend. As artists we have never outgrown our need for personal feedback. If you like the job we are doing, take a moment and tell us. A few words of appreciation go a very long way towards recharging our creative energies.

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